Hi! I'm Maria.

I teach people to ride, train, and care for their horses in a way that improves the quality of their partnership, training results, and overall well-being.

Every horse sport (and horse-lover) wants a happy, confident, cooperative, smart, athletic horse. So, the things I teach can be practiced along side of any sports training.

I also help people to develop themselves as teachers, partners, and leaders for their horses.

Your success with horses really comes from who you are and how you show up for your horse. In the same way that certain people might draw the best from you in your life, I teach people to bring out the best in their horses.

For 35 years my specialty has been Behaviorism and Wellness, and I'm also a certified Strategic Intervention Life & Leadership Coach. A natural combination of these areas has lead me to sports psychology coaching, where I help horse people who are struggling with confidence or want to develop a competitive edge through mindset.

Not A Cookie Cutter Training Program

Training is a "study of one". That means that each person and horse are individuals with their own personalities, needs, learning styles, histories, and responses to the world around them.

And yet, all of my life I've seen and participated in horsemanship systems that approach horses like putting together IKEA furniture. I want to offer you something different.

Living, breathing, thinking, feeling beings (like you and your horse) tend to thrive with connection, communication, trust, and authentic experiences. Those are the ingredients for harmony, fulfillment, and inspired adventures!

Horsemanship done well is a healthy relationship, a cooperative partnership, a team sport, and a heart centered journey.

I offer lessons, training, clinics, coaching, and on line content to help you navigate that journey.

How Can I Help You?

If It's Not A System, What Is It?

In a way, I offer the best of both worlds. The things that I teach ARE systems. But they're systems of science and nature, which I think carries a little more weight than a single trainer's ideas or someone's marketing team.

Each lesson is based on real life day-to-day scenarios that you might run across with your horse, and we'll refer to these systems for training & problem solving. The info is common knowledge. I've just put it all together in the context of horsemanship, so you don't have to memorize the internet!

  • You have to understand how horses naturally live, think, behave, communicate, and learn before you can influence them.

    Training horses is all about: (1) knowing and understanding your horse "as they are", (2) knowing what exactly you want to change, (3) and then mapping out the lessons that will get you from 'Point A' to 'Point B'.

    If you can't do all three of those steps with your mind, you'll probably start using your muscles. That's a very natural human response, but it creates a lot of problems that need to be solved later. And it's not healthy for you or your horse.

  • Learning Theory is the science of 'learning' and 'motivation'.

    This is the secret sauce that allows you to use your mind instead of your muscles, and it's what makes you a good rider, leader, and horse trainer.

    And THAT is a really empowering thing!

    Learning Theory will also teach you how to set up super productive lesson plans that are fun for you and your horse. You'll be able to tap into your horse's amazing memory and problem solving ability to get past any challenges you're having.

  • "Classical Equitation" is a time-tested blueprint for riders and horses to learn how to use their bodies in harmony while developing as athletes.

    It's not a sport or set of rules. It's a "gymnastics program" made up of sets of exercises done in a specific order that build balance, strength, flexibility, and agility. Some people confuse this with the sport of dressage, but they are quite different.

    Classical Equitation teaches you how to do WHATEVER you and your horse like to do, only "better". ...just like a fitness trainer would coach you on the posture and movement you need during your workout to get maximum benefit and not hurt yourself.

  • When your horse is in pain, or their body isn't working properly, no amount of training will help.

    If you're like me, you love your horse and can't stand to see them hurt. And if you have any athletic goals for them at all, you know that athletes need both preventative wellness care and support during recovery from hard training/injuries.

    Balanced hooves, regular body work, continuously monitored saddle fit, living environment, and nutrition are key to a long, happy, healthy life for your horse. Having professionals help your horse is ideal, but you would be amazed at how much you can do for your horse on your own!

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