Equestrian Sports Psychology Coaching

After The Fall
It can be difficult to bounce back after being mentally, emotionally, and/or physically injured in an accident with your horse. It can be just as hard if your horse was seriously injured. Coaching sessions help you to find the confidence, freedom, and joy in your riding again.

Bring Your Best
If you have competitive goals, your focus, mindset, and training habits can mean the difference between taking 1st or 2nd... or not finishing at all. Coaching sessions will help you to refine your goals, prioritize your efforts, and build the mindset you need to thrive under pressure.

DeStress & ReEnergize with Your Horse
Learn to connect with your horse through moving meditation and heart centered interactions that will wash away the stresses of everyday life and work. Wellness Coaching with Horses.

Sports Psychology Coaching Sessions are $75/hr.