Athletic Wellness

Many horses go through life with a 'variety pack' of physical and mental issues that come with doing their job. Horses can only tell us that their body doesn't feel good by slowing/shutting down, rushing to escape it, or by acting out in the moment of discomfort or pain. And like people, extended periods of physical discomfort cause reactive and anxious behavior.

There are so many different things that can cause/trigger various behaviors and physical problems. A hoof imbalance can cause a hollow posture, which can cause painful pressure points from a saddle, which can show up as head tossing or rearing. If the rider becomes tense and frustrated, their own tight posture and clenched hands can feed into the problem.

It takes a whole horse (and rider) approach with strong detective work and solid strategies for EVERY individual issue to unwind these situations. Leaving even one source of pain or behavioral trigger unsolved can keep the unhealthy loop going.

Sadly, too many horses are retired or sold because of "unidentifiable" lingering problems. If any of this sounds familiar, please contact me and let's see what we can do for you and your horse.

Body Work

- Evaluation (Watch horse move & Acupoint Assessment)
- Photonic Light Session
- Acupoint Stimulation
- Myofascial Release & Stretching
- Suggestions for training warmups to help with your horse's specific needs.

Saddle Fitting

- Evaluation (Mounted & Unmounted)
- Fit adjusted through padding, shims, and/or saddle placement.
- Some Body Work may be included so that horse can experience saddle fit improvements and give accurate feedback.

Natural Hoof Trim

- 2 to 4 horses per visit on a 4 week schedule
- Offered within a 10 mile service area (see map)
- Horse must stand quietly/safely, or the session will be used as a training session ($75/hr).
- For hoof handling training sessions, I use gentle reward based training that will truly address the issue and not force a trim. The trim will be secondary and may or may not be completed. In this case, the trim may need to be rescheduled.

Service Area Map

Local Services
For local services, I'll travel up to 10 miles with no extra travel fee. See the Service Area Map.

2 Day Lesson Clinics
For 2 day clinics, I'll travel up to 30 miles from - 6401 SW Mallet Rd, Bentonville, AR 72712 -

If you're outside of the service area and still want to organize an event, contact me! I'm sure we can work something out.